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Introducing Someone – Grammar

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Below you will find some examples of Grammar found in this lesson.


You can use an apostrophe and “s” (‘s) to indicate possession or a relationship.

Example: My uncle is my mom’s brother.

Example: My dad’s dad is my grandfather.

Example: This is my brother’s dog.

This/That + These/Those (Demonstratives)

This/That (singular) and These/Those (plural) are demonstratives. We use them to point out people, places and things. We can also use them as pronouns. This/These are usually used for something close, while that/those are for something that is distant.

Example: This is my brother’s dog.

Example: What are those?

Example: These are my books.

Example: That book is blue.


Remember: Contractions are used to combine two words with an apostrophe. Sometimes, you can combine a pronoun and a verb to create a contraction. Below are two examples that are used in this lesson.

I’ve → I haveYou’ve → You haveWe’ve → We have
He’s → He hasShe’s → She hasThey’ve → They have
It’s → It isThat’s → That isLet’s → Let us

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