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Lesson 1, Topic 26
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Greetings V2 – Grammar

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What grammar do we use in Greetings?

Practice the Grammar topics below with your teacher. Then, try to use the grammar in your own examples!


Pronouns are used in place of nouns. Example: I am a boy.
Listen to the pronouns and practice!

Possessive Pronouns

Possessive Pronouns are used to show a relationship. Example: My name is ______.
Listen to the possessive pronouns and practice!

Verb: To Be

I amYou areWe are
He isShe isThey are
We use the verb “to be” often. Practice the forms of “to be” above!
Listen to the present tense forms of “to be” and practice!

Listen to the different examples below that use the present form of “to be” in greetings! Can you think of more examples? Use your vocabulary list!

I am good.
You are six years old.
We are boys.
He is Ben.
She is Kate.
They are girls.
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