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At just 4 years old, Anh’s language journey began with simple songs, animations, and card games that his mom played with him. In Grade 2, seeking a real learning environment, Anh joined KIDS classes with Brian from COOE. After 1-2 years of offline classes, we embraced the world of online 1-1 lessons for convenience and personalized learning. We believe in real communication skills over test scores, but applying for exams like Eiken helped create goals and learning plans. Anh’s road to passing Eiken Grade Pre 1 showcases his dedication and purpose-driven learning. 


Through an English conversation class with Matt-sensei, I had a deep discussion about the American cultural background of racism and taboo, partly because the BML demonstration was at its peak at that time, and movies about such discrimination and political correctness. By introducing the Netflix program and discussing its impressions with Matt sensei, I was able to deepen my understanding of the problem. I was very surprised at the taboo that people who are called black people in Japan should not be given watermelons or fried chicken as gifts in the United States. It’s a valuable experience to gain insights in English about true American culture, not just the appearance.


I am very happy to take lessons here. First of all, I can learn a variety of idioms. Even though I have learned English since I was junior high school student, English education in Japan mainly focused on grammar and vocabularies based on reading materials. It means I did not know idioms which native speakers often use in daily conversation. In this lesson, my teacher teaches me many kinds of idioms with definition and sentence examples. That is why I learn how I can use them and it is very fun!

Secondly, I can practice TOEFL speaking section. I am planning to take TOEFL test in the future. It is the most difficult for me to improve speaking score myself rather than other sections because I need feedback to improve my English speaking. In this lesson, my teacher prepares some TOEFL speaking questions and I try to answer them and receive feedback which is very efficient for me. Furthermore, he gives me other questions as assignments. I record my answer and hand it in him before the lesson. In this way, I can get much feedback from my teacher.

Finally, we do free chat as well. Through this activity, I can get used to communicating with others in English. Also, this is a kind of conclusion of the lesson for me since I can use what I learn from the lesson such as idioms at the end. I especially like to talk about education so we often talk about it though, I will try to talk about the topic which I do not know well.

To sum up, I am very satisfied with the lesson and I am very happy that I feel my development of English from the lesson. The atmosphere of my teacher is amazing!

Come On Out English Hidetoshi

I took a one-on-one lesson for my business trip. My teacher made lessons fit for me. Business mail, Taking an appointment, Pitch for a networking event and Business meeting, etc. Every time, he checked my needs and took professional themes related to my work. It helped to strengthen my vocabulary. I appreciate your support.

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