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American Holiday Calendar (2021)

Culture Exchange
The United States of America has a diverse range of holidays, from official state holidays to unofficial religious ones. Explore these holidays and what they mean to Americans!

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Which American City Should You Live In?

Quizzes & Tests
The United States of America is a huge country with many types of nature, culture, and food. Discover which American city you would most like to live in.

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History of the English Language

Culture Exchange
The English language today is very different from how it was in the middle ages. English comes from many other different languages. See how the English language changed over time!

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Which UK City Best Suits You?

Quizzes & Tests
Have you ever wondered where you would visit if you travelled to the U.K.? Take our personality quiz below to find out which city you are destined for!

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Book Recommendations

Culture Exchange
Reading is a great way to practice your English skills, learn new vocabulary, and connect with new cultures. We’ve compiled a list of books for readers of every level and interest.

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American National Parks

Short Stories
The United States of America has lots of beautiful National Parks. You can see everything from animals to waterfalls to rock formations. If you love nature, you’ll want to learn more about these incredible places.

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