About Us

About us

Crafting Educational Experiences

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, individualized ESL education to all students, instilling a love for language learning and a desire to communicate on a global level.

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Our Mission

It all started with Come On Out Japan, our sister company that brings native English speakers from England, Canada, and the United States, to mentor Japanese students about the world, in English.

Our Vision

We believe language to be the ultimate connector of cultures and ideas, and aim to foster appreciation for a global mindset and contribute to worldwide understanding, friendship, open-mindedness and progress.

Our history

Cross-Cultural Connections

We started with Come On Out Japan, an established program that brings English speaking adults from the UK, United States, and Canada, to Japan to mentor students in English at week long summer camps. We found that by allowing young people of different cultures to learn from each other in a safe space, we were able to add to cultural understanding on both sides. We want to continue to allow this opportunity in a rapidly digitizing age.

Our philosophy

Connecting those dots.

As English becomes more prominently spoken across the globe, it is important for people worldwide, young and old, to learn to speak it in a natural and authentic way. By sourcing our teachers from native-English speaking countries, and requiring teaching experience, we are able to provide an unmatched and enjoyable experience learning valuable versions of English.

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