Come On Out International English Program (COO-IEP)

Come On Out International English Program (COO-IEP)

In the Summer of 2024, we will offer the 2nd year of the Come On Out International English Program (COO-IEP). 14 Mentors will travel together to several different locations throughout Japan.

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To learn more about our program goals, 2024 schedule, mentoring team, program examples, and more, please read below.

Program Goals

The Come On Out International English Program (COO-IEP) was officially started in 2023.

Program Goals:

  • Provide a Global Partnership to Schools in Japan to offer students with opportunities to interact with Passionate International Young Adults.
  • Improve Global Communication and confidence especially in English Conversation.
  • Enhance local communities by providing an additional foundation for Regional Revitalization.

2024 Schedule (Available Dates for Programs in your City!)

Week 1 : July 22nd-26th:  [CLOSED]
Week 2: July 29th-Aug 2nd: [OPEN]
Week 3 :  August 5th-9th   [OPEN]
Week 4 : Aug 12th-17th: [OPEN]

2024 Mentor Team

Program Examples

On Your Mark
Fukuoka, 2022-Present

Japanese and Foreign “Counselors” coordinate a program for High School Students. This is a 6 day Overnight camp!

English Adventure Camp
Miura Kanagawa, 2023-Present

With many previous programs at the Miura Educational center, we launch our 1st official overnight Adventure program for Nursery & Primary Students in 2023.

Kohitsuji International School
Mitaka Tokyo, 2019-Present

This program has weekly classes as well as Spring and Summer Programs for Nursery & Primary School Students.

Global English Camp
80+ cities in Japan, 2015-Present

Come on Out has partnered with Toshin HS since 2015 to coordinate this program to over 10,000 Japanese HIgh school, Junior High and University Students throughout Japan.

Potential Programs Lengths

3-Day Program

9 AM - 5 PM;
1 hour lunch
24 program hours
Monday - Wednesday (flexible)

4-Day Program

9 AM - 4 PM;
1 hour lunch
28 program hours
Monday - Thursday (flexible)

5-Day Program

9 AM - 3 PM;
1 hour lunch
30 program hours
Monday - Friday (flexible)

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We have bilingual staff available to assist you! (Japanese, English, Spanish)

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