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Come On Out English is dedicated to providing safe, effective and fun English lessons to children of all ages. Your child’s information will be kept private from all other website users. Our system even allows students and teachers to communicate without sharing their emails, ensuring the utmost privacy for your child.
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Conversational English

Course Description

Get ready to boost your child’s English skills with our Conversational English Course! We will dive into exciting topics, share stories, and practice speaking for your child to gain proficiency for their future goals. Together, we’ll explore new words, express ourselves confidently, and have a blast while mastering English conversation!

Course Objectives

Speak with Confidence: Your child will build the confidence to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings in English through engaging activities.

Expand Vocabulary: Learn new words and phrases to enrich conversations and express ideas more effectively.

Improve Listening Skills: Enhance the ability to understand and follow conversations, stories, and instructions in English.

Enhance Fluency: Develop fluency in spoken English by practicing speaking in various real-life situations and scenarios.

Make Friends: Connect with peers in a supportive and inclusive environment, fostering friendships and collaboration through English conversation.

Grammar On Demand

Course Description

Grammar on Demand is designed for your child to master English grammar through interactive activities and guidance from our top-quality instructors. This course is designed to introduce important grammar structures that will increase your child’s English comprehension and help them master these concepts to apply to everyday conversations and their school studies. 

Course Objectives

Master Grammar Rules: Your child will understand and apply fundamental grammar concepts such as sentence structure, verb tenses, and word order to communicate accurately.

Build a Strong Foundation: Understand sentence structure to support future language learning and development.

Boost Reading Comprehension: Increase comprehension skills by recognizing grammatical patterns and understanding their significance in written texts.

Increase Confidence: Gain confidence in using English grammar correctly, reducing hesitation and errors while communicating, particularly helpful to increase their performance in school.

Refresher Course

Course Description

Our English Refresher Courses are designed to refresh your child’s memory on various English concepts, such as talking about your weekend, daily routines, and introductions. Refreshing your child’s memory on important everyday conversational topics ensures that they remember these concepts in the long-term.

Course Objectives

Mastery: Re-explain and clarify various important English topics in order to ensure mastery of these subjects, such as talking about daily routines and hobbies.

Confidence: Help children gain confidence in their speaking abilities and improve their English lexicon through interactive instruction.

Supplement to English Studies: if your child is learning English at school, then our Refresher Courses will serve as a great supplement to your child’s studies.

Kids - Recommended texts

At Kids – Recommended Texts, we offer personalized lessons tailored to your child’s unique learning needs. Our program features a curated selection of recommended books and text-based resources designed to engage young readers and foster a love for learning. By choosing texts that align with your child’s interests and reading level, we create an enriching educational experience that promotes growth and curiosity. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong passion for reading and learning in every child we work with.

Standard Subscriptions

Our standard subscription for:
This subscription caters featuring original materials such as the Refresher Course and Grammar On Demand, as well as referenced textbooks and other curriculum.

4 Lessons a month (25 minutes per lesson)

Subscription Price*:


¥2,375 per lesson

8 Lessons a month (25 minutes per lesson)

Subscription Price*:


¥2,188 per lesson

4 Lessons a month (50 minutes per lesson)

Subscription Price*:


¥3,750 per lesson

8 Lessons a month (50 minutes per lesson)

Subscription Price*:


¥3,500 per lesson

Lesson Packages

Our lesson packages for:
Our lesson packages are designed for flexible learners who don’t have a specific learning schedule.
These packages consist of a fixed number of lessons, providing adaptability for individuals with varying time constraints.

4 Lessons (50 minutes per lesson)


¥4,000 per lesson

8 Lessons (50 minutes per lesson)


¥3,750 per lesson

12 Lessons (50 minutes per lesson)


¥3,750 per lesson

Standalone Lessons

25 Minutes 


50 Minutes 


Group lessons for Kids

We offer small group lessons with a maximum of 4-5 students, ensuring personalized attention and a supportive learning environment. Our English lessons are designed to cater to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you’re looking to improve your conversational skills, grammar, or vocabulary, our experienced instructors are here to guide you on your language learning journey. Join us and take your English proficiency to the next level!

Group Lessons

Group Lesson Subscription


Per Month

Eiken exam Preparation (Grade 1-5)​

1. English Proficiency Validation: Successfully passing the Eiken exam validates a student’s English language proficiency. This certification is recognized by educational institutions and employers globally, enhancing opportunities for academic pursuits and employment.

2. Academic Advancement: Many universities and educational institutions in North America, Australia and across the world recognize the Eiken certification. EIKEN is backed by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and all 47 prefectural boards of education. Test results are accepted for admissions and course credit at approximately 2,200 high schools, colleges, and universities. Outside Japan, a growing number of institutions recognize EIKEN test results for international admissions.

3. Career Opportunities: Eiken certification can significantly boost career prospects. Many employers consider Eiken as a valuable indicator of English language skills, especially in international job markets and industries requiring English proficiency.

4. Personal Development: Preparing for the Eiken exam involves enhancing various language skills, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This preparation contributes to a student’s overall language development, not just for the exam but also for practical use in everyday life.

5. Global Mobility: Eiken certification facilitates mobility and opportunities for students to study or work in English speaking countries. It provides a standardized measure of English proficiency that can be easily understood and accepted internationally.

6. Confidence Building: Successfully passing the Eiken exam instills confidence in students regarding their English language abilities. This confidence can positively impact communication skills, self-assurance, and overall performance in various aspects of life.

Our Eiken Course Includes:

  • Course Introduction Lesson – Overview on the Eiken Exam
  • Targeted lessons for each section: Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking
  • Homework Activities
  • Mock Test Papers
  • Eiken-specific vocabulary
  • Predictive Scoring

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Premiere Subscriptions

Our premium subscription covers:
Eiken Lessons (Grade 1 to 5)

Premium Subscription (4 lessons a month – 50 minutes per lesson)

Our price:


Premium Subscription (8 lessons a month – 50 minutes per lesson)

Our price:


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