Conversational English For Professionals (24 sesisons)


Our Conversational English for Professionals Course is designed for Intermediate & Advanced level trainees who have a desire to practice their conversational abilities whilst discussion current and relevant topics ranging from the economy, corporate matters, social, local & international affairs and case studies. This is very effective as a stand-alone course or as an add-on or supplement to one of our other courses.

Recommended CEFR: B1 – C1 (and fluent)
Recommended TOEIC: 600 – 990


  • 24 engaging and advanced lessons
  • Business English advanced communication
  • Diverse lesson content engaging critical thinking
  • Contextualized vocabulary used in articles, case studies, and media
  • Useful phrases practical in everyday business
  • Interesting, relevant and engaging discussion topics
  • Speaking Practice for real-life situations


At the end of this course you will:

  1. Gain an understanding of the international business world and improve your ability to comfortably engage in discussions about current events.
  2. Be confident in defending your opinions and forming arguments by looking at real-time statistics, research, and common opposing views.
  3. Develop natural and advanced communication skills needed to work confidently and successfully on an international level, in any global Business environment.




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