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Anger & Disgust: Reading Comprehension

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image17 Come On Out English
Read the dialogues below before starting the quiz!

Reading Comprehension

Read the dialogue below and answer the questions that follow.

Dialogue #1

Max: Ugh! I feel upset. 

Kelly: Why? 

Max: Well, I was anxious for my test today. I studied a lot, but I think I failed. 

Kelly: Normally you feel confident when taking a test! 

Max: You’re right. Usually, you are the one who is stressed when taking a test.  

Kelly: Next time, you should try to stay calm. 

Dialogue #2

Sam: We need to talk. I want to break up.

Heidi: What?! I can’t believe you. I feel so betrayed. 

Sam: I’m not happy. Everyday I am irritated by you. 

Heidi: I hate you! 

Sam: I hope one day you will understand. I don’t want you to feel offended. This is really for the best. 

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