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Greetings – Grammar

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Auxiliary Verb: To Be

Other examples: To Do, To Have

Auxiliary Verbs are verbs that change or help another verb, such as “to be.”

In the example below, the auxiliary verbs are in bold.

Q: How are you doing?

A: I am doing well.


Contractions are used to make two words (pronoun and verb) into one. They use apostrophes (‘) to replace the letter. See the examples below.

I am → I’mYou are → You’reWe are → We’re
He is → He’sShe is → She’sThey are → They’re

Question Words

Below are the most common question words used in English. Many of these are used in Greetings and Introductions and are very important in everyday conversation. You will learn more about the additional functions of these question words in later lessons.

Question WordsFunctionExample Sentence
Whatasking for informationWhat have you been doing?
Whenasking about timeWhen is lunch?
Whereasking about a placeWhere are you from?
Whoasking about peopleWho is your friend?
Whyasking for reasonWhy are you here?
Howasking about conditionHow are you today?
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