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Greetings – Useful Phrases

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listen1 Come On Out English
Listen to the following conversation and repeat after the speaker.

Dialogue 1 – Informal

two men meeting Come On Out English
Tom: Hey Justin, long time no see!
Justin: Yo, what’s up Tom?
Tom: Not much. How have you been?
Justin: I have been good, thanks for asking.
Tom: It’s so nice to see you, Justin.
Justin: It’s good to see you too, Tom.

Dialogue 2 – Formal

formalmeeting Come On Out English
Jake: Hello, let me introduce myself. I’m Jake.
Kevin: Good Morning, Jake. My name is Kevin.
Jake: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kevin.
Kevin: The pleasure is mine. Where are you from Jake?
Jake: I am from Los Angeles, California. And you?
Kevin: That’s great! I am from Los Angeles too.
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