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Introducing Yourself – Reading

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read Come On Out English
Read the two self-introductions below and answer the questions that follow.

Introduction 1

Good morning, let me introduce myself. My name is Vanessa. I am 29 years old. I am American, but I am now living in Hong Kong. I am an office worker at a big company. At my job, I sit at a desk and use my computer. I don’t have much time to enjoy my hobbies, because I work a lot. On the weekends, I like to play video games with my friends. My favorite game is Minecraft. I also have a pet cat. Do you have any pets?

Introduction 2

Hi, I’m Kevin. It is my birthday today and I am now 30 years old. I am British and my hometown is London. I am a doctor. I love my job, because I help many people. I enjoy doing many things during my free time. I like to play basketball, watch movies and practice speaking English with my friends and family. My favorite hobby is to travel the world so I can learn new things, eat new foods and meet new people! What about you?

  1. Which person likes to play video games?
  1. How old is Kevin today?
  1. Which person is from the United States of America?
  1. Why does Vanessa not have many hobbies? 
  1. Why does Kevin like to travel?
  1. What are their jobs?  Kevin: ______________     Vanessa: _______________
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