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read Come On Out English
Read the three dialogues below and answer the questions that follow.

Dialogue 1

Matt: Hello, I am Matt

Scott: Hi there, I’m Scott.

Matt: Where are you from, Scott?

Scott: I am from New York. What about you?

Matt: I am from Los Angeles, California. Nice to meet you!

Scott: Nice to meet you too!

Dialogue 2

Alex: Hey Vanessa, long time no see!

Vanessa: What’s up, Alex? 

Alex: Not much. How have you been?

Vanessa: I have been good, thanks for asking.

Alex: It’s so nice to see you again!

Vanessa: It’s great to see you too!

Dialogue 3

Mark: Good evening, Jennifer. I am Mark.

Jennifer: Good evening, Mark. Pleasure to meet you.

Mark: The pleasure is mine. How are you?

Jennifer: I am well, thank you. And you?

Mark: I am fine, but I apologize, I must go to a meeting.

Jennifer: No problem. Have a great day.

Mark: Thank you, you too Jennifer!


  1. Which of the dialogues is formal?
  1. Which of the dialogues is informal?
  1. Which of the dialogues are between longtime friends?
  1. Which of the dialogues involve people meeting for the first time?
  1. Which character in the above dialogues is from Los Angeles?

Challenge Question – Where do you think dialogue 3 takes place?

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