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4 Language Learning Tips for Fluency

4 Language Learning Tips for Fluency

By Faby Alvarez, COO English Instructor

1. Immerse yourself in passive ways

Maybe you’re tired of going to a classroom and learning English in a formal class setting. There are ways to make the language feel less like an academic subject. You can integrate English into your daily life so it becomes part of your daily life and not just a subject that you learn for an hour a day. Put your favorite shows and movies in English, so you’re still listening to the language but engaging with content you enjoy. Watch Tiktok or Instagram reels in English when you scroll through social media. There are many content creators who teach expressions and vocabulary in quick, fun ways (Come On Out English is one of those creators! Follow us on TikTok @cooenglish)! 

Do you have any English artists and/or songs that you enjoy? Don’t just listen! Try to decipher the message of the song by looking up the lyrics. Music is one of the best ways to learn English because you can learn many expressions that native speakers use and catchy songs are easier to memorize than words in a textbook.

“A different language is a different vision of life.”

2. Speak with Natives

There is no getting around this one: you must engage with native speakers in English. They are the best people to learn from because they can show you authentic expressions and when to use them. Make sure your friends are patient and understanding that you’re learning. You may even want to search for someone who is learning your native language, so that you can help each other. Who you surround yourself with when learning the language is very important. Speaking with natives can be scary, so positive people who will encourage you and give you feedback are the best company to have in your language learning journey.

The more you practice speaking with natives, the more confidence you will build.

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3. Actively Drill Vocabulary

There is no shortcut here. In addition to speaking with natives and engaging with natives in other ways, you must be drilling vocabulary, such as through a platform like Quizlet. Flashcards are still effective ways to practice and memorize. If you want your vocabulary to expand even faster you must do this as a supplement to your studies. 

If it’s too overwhelming to drill vocabulary, you can group words as their own category. For example, words that relate to going to the dentist, or going shopping, you can focus on mastering vocabulary in categories. Alternatively, you can write down new words you hear in English and create flashcards of new words you learn in a specific week.

Learning to read with flash cards

4. Engage in Academic Discussions (for Intermediate/Advanced learners)

If you master the difficult topics, everyday speech becomes easier. The reason discussions are so important is so you can become skilled in expressing your opinions and create context that makes it easier to remember the words you’re learning. You shouldn’t focus on just learning English, you need to learn IN english. In addition, engaging in discussions strengthens your grammar usage.

4 Language Learning Tips for Fluency

Learning a new language is certainly a challenge, but there are ways to make the journey easier and more enjoyable! If you incorporate these four tips into your learning, you will be able to improve your English faster and gain more confidence along the way. Start creating your network of English native speakers by signing up for a FREE consultation here! You can contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

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